Winter Update

AANR-NW has a new club. Wine Country Bares became a provisional club this fall. Wine Country Bares is a new travel club centered around Yakima and Moses Lake. You can check out their website at or get information from I know that they will appreciate any support that we can give them.

For those of you who are cruising on the Big Nude Boat, there will be a meet and greet opportunity for travelers from the Northwest. Look for more details to follow.

The World Record Skinny Dip is returning on July 13, 2013. It is being cosponsored by AANR and TNS. Keep visiting for more details.

During this holiday season, I wish to all of you and yours great joy, peace and happiness. And a very happy, naked, new year.

Naturally, Karen Lahey ==============================================

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September Update

The AANR-NW Fall Board meeting is this coming weekend, September 29 and 30, at Lake Bronson.

As always, all AANR members are invited to come.

Before I became active on the AANR-NW board, I would see those words, but I don’t think I really believed them. However, I have discovered that I should have believed them and you should believe them too.

You don’t have to be an elected director to be active at the regional level. Your ideas and energy are more than just welcome, they are sought after.

Come to the meetings. Learn what AANR-NW does. We have fun as well as just working at the meetings. I have found that I value the friendships that I have made from being active at the regional level. If you can only make one day, you should make it Saturday. Typically, Saturday we get started about 10, with forums, discussions, get-togethers and evening entertainment. Sunday is the formal meeting and runs from about 9 to noon.

Our region is very special in some ways. As opposed to other regions in AANR, your board is comprised of a director from each club in the region. In other regions, directors represent more than a single club. This allows us to operate in a much more cooperative way. Since each club is represented, all clubs have an opportunity to work together and learn from each other. And it is much easier to work in cooperation with friends than with strangers.

So, please, come to our meetings. If you can’t make it to Lake Bronson this weekend, join us in the spring or next summer or next fall or …

Naturally, Karen Lahey ==============================================

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Jerry Trauntenberg

It is with sadness that I report the passing of Jerry Trauntenberg on August 23rd of a very aggressive brain cancer. He was President at Lake Bronson in the 90’s and served on many regional committees when his wife, Nancy, was NWNA president. He would always travel with her to the AANR conventions as her right hand “man”.

Jerry was born in Newark NJ, and got his Masters in Chemistry from Rutgers’ in 1958. He is survived by three children, two daughters and a son, from previous marriages. Nancy is his third wife. He and Nancy had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on August 7, 2012.

His wishes were that he be cremated and his ashes be strewn at his farm.

A memorial service will be held later this year. An e-mail will be sent when it has been scheduled.

Please do NOT send flowers – Nancy is allergic to fragrances.

Respectfully, Karen Lahey

Please forget the empty email messages. We are still having our problems with our email list server. Be assured we are working to fix these issues.

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August Update – with content

As the new president of AANR-NW, I want to send a big thank you for your confidence and for your vote (via your club delagates to the AANR-NW Convention).