Naked Mountain Biking in Bend Oregon

Wandering Bare will be hosting the 3rd and final naked mountain biking event for the summer of 2020. Join in an exciting afternoon of Naked Mountain Biking. Riding naked through Central Oregon’s Desert Sage and Ponderosa pine Forests. We’ll be riding naked on seldom-used forest service roads and trails, rarely meeting other riders or hikers.

Meet at Boyd Cave parking area about a quarter-mile north off China Hat Road where the pavement ends.

Starting at Boyd Cave on China Hat road. We’ll Follow horse trail #63 to Swamp Wells Horse Camp Then returning to Boyd Cave on horse trial # 62.

Naked biking should be fun, pleasant, relaxing, refreshing, exhilarating, exciting, and enjoyable. Everyone should feel comfortable riding naked. Please keep in mind that all nudist activities are strictly non-sexual. We expect all riders to be familiar with the etiquette of nude recreation. And will conduct yourself appropriately.

DISCLAIMER: Mountain biking can be dangerous that’s why we wear helmets, mountain biking naked, more so. Wandering Bare events are not led by paid, professional guides. By joining Wandering Bare you accept full responsibility for your own safety and the safety of fellow members. By joining Wandering Bare, you agree that in no event and under no circumstances shall the group’s organizers or fellow members are liable for any injury or property damage of any nature to yourself resulting from your participation or resulting from the negligence of any other member of Wandering Bare. You accept all responsibility for and agree to hold the organizers harmless from, any injury, harm or damage resulting from anything going wrong on an event. If you choose to sign up for any Wandering Bare events, you are releasing this group, its organizers, and members from all legal and civil liability in case of possible injuries.

Cascade Head Naked Hike

Due to the coronavirus, The Nature Conservancy had closed the Cascade Head Trail and remained closed for National Naked Hiking on June 21st. U.S. forest service will open the Siuslaw National Forest on July 15. On Saturday, July 25th we’ll once again Wander Bare up Cascade Head, truly an amazing place on the Oregon Coast.
Cascade Head trail is steep in areas 7 miles in and out with a 1200-foot elevation gain. Dogs are not permitted on this trail. Also, this is a moderately used trail, you may want to have a sarong to cover up with when we meet other hikers.
The climb steep in areas, sometimes on stairs through an old-growth coastal forest. Doug fir and spruce dominate the area. The trail crosses a couple of small streams on new bridges, then enters a virtual tunnel of undergrowth. Leaving the forest and enter the headland meadow. The views are immediately tremendous to the south. The Salmon River Estuary dominates an ocean view that extends to Lincoln City. There’s a small oasis of trees is a draw, then the trail again hits the open slopes. The trail traverses along the ridge at about the 500-foot level, finally coming to a northern view, down a cliff to the Pacific. From there, the trail switches back to begin climbing the slope. After several switchbacks, it levels out somewhat at the 1200-foot level at the upper viewpoint. There is a semi-secret field above the upper viewpoint. Where we can sunbathe, and enjoy the 360-degree views of the ocean and surrounding mountains. Expect 3 and a half to 4 hours.

Walking naked at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge.


The north side of Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge is a very pleasant and relaxing place to walk naked.
This loop trail is 3.2 miles and can be easily walked in under 2 hours. We’ll start at the parking area located at Smithfield and Livermore Road. Beginning with a walk up a gravel road a short distance to the banks of Morgan Lake. The trail borders the edge of farm fields as we start our way up the backside of Baskett Butte. The trail takes us to the top of Baskett Butte views of the north part of the refuge, seeing all of Morgan Lake and Moffitti Marsh.
Next, the Rich Guadgno Loop Trail will add another mile. Last summer we walked it naked. This is a signal track trail winding through a mixed coniferous forest that includes Oregon white oak. In the spring, there should several opportunities to view migratory songbirds in the trees as we make our way through the woodlands. The Rich Guadgno Platform is located on the south side of Baskett Butte. This part of the refuge has more traffic so you’ll probably want to cover up or keep an eye out for textile visitors. There are great views of the wetlands that encompass the southern part of the refuge.
Walking down the north side of Baskett Butte the trail will connect with the Moffitti Marsh Trail leading back to Smithfield Road. A second lap is always possible.
The reserve is usually pretty much deserted in the early afternoon. Other people out walking can be easily spotted in the open spaces giving us plenty of time to cover up. This will be the 4th summer we’ve walked naked at Baskett Slough Refuge, never had a bad experience with other people walking, even meeting other nudists out walking.
Contact me with any questions.
Here is a link to trail maps and descriptions:

LARC/LMRR is closed to the public

Astrid closed the business (LMRR) yesterday.  No outside visitors or rentals.  LMRR will not reopen. Club members may still enter the park.

Reason:  Corvid 19 virus concerns

LARC Disbands

It is sad to say that the LARC membership has decided to disband rather than remain active as a Non Landed/Travel club. All of us who have been members for many years will surely miss the club. LARC members who choose to do so would either become AANR Associate (Direct) members on their own or join another club.

(LARC) LMRR Closes for Business

LMRR, which is the business that owns the property that LARC has occupied since 1991 officially closes for business.  This means no more fees or rentals..Nudity would cease on this date because the new owners Getaway.House may be around the property beginning April 1.

LARC Park Wide Yard/Estate Sale Canceled

Park Wide Yard/Estate Sale

Open to the public.  Items for sale will be in the tent area and member lots throughout the park.

No nudity

This event has been cancelled because of the Corvid 19 virus concerns.  April 18 yard sale is still tentatively going to happen.

National Naked Hiking Day: at Cascade Head

Due to the coronavirus, The Nature Conservancy Society has closed the Cascade Head trail until further notice. I will reschedule the Cascade Head Naked Hike when the trail has reopened.
June 21 is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the start of summer and National Naked Hiking Day. We’ll celebrate National Naked Hiking Day at Cascade Head – Rainforest Trail. This trail runs north to south within the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. The Rainforest Trail is steep in areas 7 miles in and out with a 1200-foot elevation gain The Sitka Spruce-Western Hemlock rain forest here has been studied by foresters since 1934. This trail is less crowded than the Cascade Head trail in the area and it is entirely inland and has no viewpoints. Mid-way on the trail near the headwaters of Calkins Creek, there remains a grove of six-foot diameter Sitka spruce. The trail has a forested backdrop with large Sitka spruce, Western hemlock, Douglas fir, and Red alder. We can hike this trail later in the day since this trail is lightly used.
Hiking naked is nothing new, although it is more common in Europe than in the U.S. Outdoor author Colin Fletcher wrote in his popular hiking books of enjoying hiking naked through the Grand Canyon and along the Pacific Crest Trail on hot days.
Note to hikers: This trail is in a National Forest where nudity is legal.