Naked Nature Walk at Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge

Wandering bare will be hosting: “The Fare Well to Summer Natural Walk” at Finley Wildlife Refuge. On Sunday, September 29th at 2:00 PM in the afternoon. This should be a sensational walk with the fall colors, the warm sun, and the cool breeze. This walk is about just being naked, the fun and adventure of being naked on a sunny afternoon.
Let’s try to make the final natural walk of the summer memorable. This walk will have 3 legs. Each trail will begin and end at the same general area. Walk as many legs you like, each trail starts and ends with a short walk to the starting point.
We will enter the reserve on the Beaver & Cattail Ponds trailhead located at a turnout off Bruce Road.
Beaver & Cattail Ponds Trail, 1 mile each way.
Walk up a tree-lined service road to an old rock quarry site. Then through the Maple Knoll Research Natural Area to Beaver Pond, then to the interior service road.
The first leg is the “Campbell Lake Trail” about 2.5 to 3 miles. This trail runs through the reserve and ties all the trails together. Walking through fields and around Campbell Lake. Offers panoramic views of the reserve.
The second leg is the Mill Hill Loop Trail, 2.5 miles round trip.
This up-and-down trail takes you through many different forest types: oak, woodland, mature maple, and Douglas fir. Look for wood ducks or beavers on Gray Creek, or rest on one of the benches to watch for elk, deer, and other wildlife
The third leg is the Pigeon Butte Trail, 2.6 miles round trip
Pigeon Butte is the highest point in the Refuge and allows for great views of the Willamette Valley.

Here is a link to the Finley trail map.

Please feel free to post any comments or question you may have.

Naked Nature Walk at Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge

This loop trail. Length: 3.2 miles, walking time: under 2 hours. Starts at the parking area located at Smithfield and Livermore Road on the north side of the refuge. Begining with a walk up a gravel road a short distance to the banks of Morgan Lake. The trail borders the edge of a farm field as you start your way up the backside of Baskett Butte. Hike along the trail you will get good views of the north part of the refuge, seeing all of Morgan Lake and Moffitti Marsh.
Next the Rich Guadgno Loop Trail, will add another mile. Last summer we walked it naked. A signal track trail winding through a mix coniferous forest that includes Oregon white oak. In the spring, there should several optunities to view migratory songbirds in the trees as you make your way through the woodlands. The Rich Guadgno Platform is located on the south side of Baskett Butte. This part of the refuge has more traffic so you’ll probably want to cover up or keep an eye out for textile visitors. There are great views of the wetlands that encompass the southern part of the refuge.
Walking down the north side of Baskett Butte the trail will connect with the Moffitti Marsh Trail leading back to Smithfield Road. A second lap is always possible.
I’m expecting the weather to be in the upper 70 and sunny.
In the early afternoon the reserve is usually pretty much deserted, other people out walking can be easily spotted in the open spaces giving us plenty of time to cover up. We have never had a bad experience with other people walking in the reserve, even meet other nudist out walking.
Contact me with any questions.
Here is a link to trail maps and discriptions:

Threemile Lake in Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

This fun hike south of Florence takes us to a quiet and relatively secluded freshwater lake, tucked away between expansive ocean dunes and an enchanted second-growth forest of spruce, hemlock, and shore pine. The lake’s northern tip features a nice little sandy beach where we can picnic, swim, toss a frisbee and indulge in whatever beach games we have in mind, or simply lounge about and enjoy the natural scenery. It’s also a good spot to view wildlife.

The Threemile Lake Trail through the forest to the lake itself is about 3 miles (6 miles roundtrip). The ocean is 1/2 mile beyond the lake. This hike is considered moderately difficult; there are elevation changes and a few steep portions, and walking on sand makes distances seem longer.

We have the option of doing a slightly lengthier, 6.5 mile loop by connecting with the Tahkenitch Dune Trail. This route takes us along the beach for about 1.5 miles, past the mouth of Tahkenitch Creek, and through the pines and dunes back to the trailhead. Either way we can expect to be out for roughly 5 hours, give or take.

The Tahkenitch Dune – Threemile Lake Trail system sees light to moderate use. Being a Saturday we’ll likely encounter some other hikers.

Trailhead parking requires a $5 day use fee per vehicle, or federal lands recreation pass (Northwest Forest Pass, National Parks “America The Beautiful” Pass, or Oregon Coast Passport).

Trails Map:

Come prepared for a day at the coast––food, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, sand and water-friendly footwear, wind protection, towel. A sit pad or blanket is nice to have. Mosquito/bug repellent (just in case). Never hurts to pack the Ten Essentials.

Three Days of Clothing Optional Peace

DoLittle Pastures Farm Invites you to Three Days of Clothing Optional Peace and Joy! Join us for 1, 2 or all 3 days at this family-friendly community event.
Last time we met at DoLittle Pastures Farm was “World Naked Gardening Day”. We had a fantastic time and felt welcome the moment we arrived. We also did some naked gardening. There is just something about digging in the dirt that is therapeutic and digging in the dirt naked is still more therapeutic. This experience brings you even closer to nature, the sun and breeze on your skin is wonderful. Then we enjoyed a lunch of grilled turkey sandwiches, Eric Pickles, and pickled asparagus. Everything was excellent. That Thanksgiving turkey from freezer section doesn’t even compare to how delicious a free-range turkey is.
This time we’ll be enjoying Three Days of Clothing Optional Peace, Joy, Pressing Apple cider, Natural Living, Potlucks, and Music.
We have several apple trees or bring your favorite apples for pressing. “BYOJ” (Bring Your Own Jug). Join us Labor Day weekend. We’ll have a potluck lunch and dinner. We’ll gather together in the evening for amusements and merry-making…bring instruments, songs, stories, and obscure talents!
“Why gather apples then press them to cider naked?”
It’s fun! As nudists, we know doing actives naked always makes it things more fun. Joining together we celebrate the freedom of nudism, the victories of summer.
Picking and pressing apples into cider is not only a simple joy, being a nudist reminds us that we can be honest with who we are and discover a closer bond to mother earth. A chance to awaken primitive instincts long lost in our modern lives.
Skinny dipping? Crabtree Creek awaits your plunge! Discover the perfect spot to recharge in nature, rest a spell or undertake a spiritual retreat.
Campsites are available, for more information about campsite go to:
You’re welcome to just wander the 80 acres of forest and meadows and explore the rustic but well-marked trails with multiple access points to Crabtree Creek.
Please carpool if possible, parking is limited to 10-12 cars.
RSVP to Eric: (805) 423-5462 or