Halloween Party/Dance

As usual, we will have food with disgusting names (normal food, just maybe with a little food coloring – or a dagger through the heart…), and then our annual costume party and DJ dance. We’ll be all partied out by actual Halloween, so you can be home to hand out candy to the local munchkins.

Black Tie/White Glove Banquet and Concert featuring Sundae and Mr. Goessel

Once we have the menu set, we’ll take reservations for dinner, so you can tell us your choice. Always a great time, we’ll have a 5-course dinner served by volunteer waiters in black tie (and collar, and cuffs, complete with cuff-links!), and then a concert featuring Sundae and Mr. Goessel.

This husband and wife duo puts on a vintage inspired show that blends blues, swing, country and latin sounds. Performing hits from the roaring 20’s to modern classics and originals Sundae + Mr. Goessl utilize technique, technology and unique instrumentation to give this little band it’s big band sound. Mr. Goessl’s mesmerizing finger-style guitar dazzles and inspires while Sundae’s sultry vocal interpretations drip with charm and nostalgia.