1/2 Price for Feedback at Sun Meadow This Weekend

1/2 Price for Feedback at Sun Meadow Resort This Weekend

Sun Meadow Resort is offering 1/2 price for feedback this weekend. You can pay half price for grounds fees, rooms, RV sites, and even meals as long as you are willing to help give input at their feedback sessions on Saturday or Sunday.

It begins at the 8 PM “Feedback” Get Acquainted Reception on Friday, Oct 21 so that people attending can get to know each other a bit better. The end result is that they are more likely to tell it like it is during the actual feedback sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

The Opening Feedback Session will be at 10 AM Saturday. It will be followed after lunch with a 2 PM Feedback Session on Saturday afternoon. After a break for an Oktoberfest themed Mezzanine Party and Dinner followed by a current movie on Saturday evening, the final Feedback Session wraps everything up at 10 AM on Sunday.

Even if you can’t attend, you can give them feedback by email…the more specific the better. What can they do to make Sun Meadow even more inviting? What do they need to fix (facility or otherwise)? What new idea should they kick around? What did you like best this year? What should they do more of? What are they forgetting?

Sun Meadow appreciates your input and knows that It will help them grow this winter too. In return you will pay only ½ price on grounds fees, rooms, RV sites and meals. Questions? See their website for more details at www.sunmeadow.org or call 208 686 8686.

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