2023 Photography Contest

2022 AANR-NW Photography Contest Grand Prize Winner

It’s time to start submitting your photos for this year’s AANR-NW Photography Contest. Please take this opportunity to share your beautiful and stunning photos. And win cash prizes and accolades The contest will have several categories. For each category that has at least five entries, there will be a $75 prize. The Grand Prize winner will be $150.

  • Nude, but Not Nude (Pictures that show nudism, but can be used at public venues like public festivals. Think about tastefully placed plants, etc. No black bars please.)
  • Out in Nature
  • At your Club
  • Other

Be aware of your photo’s resolution. Always save and transmit your picture as large as possible. If not, the photo will not be of good quality when it is enlarged. They should capture the essence of nudism and nude recreation. The only advertising that can be seen is that for our associated clubs, AANR or AANR-NW. When you take pictures at a club, be certain that you have the club’s permission.
The online deadline for submissions is July 6, 2023. Judging will occur during the AANR-NW Convention. Please submit your photos using the following directions. There will be a winner for each category and one grand prize winner. Winners will be announced at the convention as well as in the AANR-NW Nudescene and on the AANR-NW website. All accepted entries will be permanently licensed for use by AANR-NW and may be used without further payment by AANR-NW, AANR and their clubs at any time on their websites, brochures, newsletters and other marketing materials. We don’t claim exclusive ownership and you may continue to use these photographs as you wish.

In all but the “Nude, but not Nude” category, nudes are welcome. In fact, street clothes are discouraged. All people must have signed photo releases submitted with the photos. You can download a copy of the photo release from https://www.aanr-nw.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/aanr-nw_photo_release.pdf. Any children in these photos must not be recognizable. While we love to see children, and their parents may give permission, these children may feel differently when they become adults. We want to respect their future choice.

You must agree to the Official Rules that are available at the bottom of this page.

If you have any other questions or problems, please send email to photos@aanr-nw.org

To submit your entry — First you upload your release form.  Then you upload your photo.  No photos are accepted without release forms.

  1. Fill in the photo release and then scan or take a picture of the completed photo release form. (See link above)
  2. Select the photo release file, fill in your name, email and phone number, check the box that you agree to the rules.(See link above)
  3. Press Upload to send your photo release file and to proceed to the next screen. That is where you will select your photo to upload.
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Official Rules

For official rules, see