Bill Schroer is no longer employed by AANR as Executive Director. We wish him well.

AANR to Hold Special Fall Meeting November 15th.

by Mike Parker excerpted from The WellSpring (Hidden Springs Newsletter)
New AANR President Beverly Price has scheduled a special AANR board meeting to review and vote on the appointed advisory groups’ feedback on the items that were proposed at the convention this past summer. Some of the items were controversial at the time of proposal, most were not.

Board members will fly in on Saturday to Las Vegas, meet all day Saturday and fly out on Sunday. A low cost hotel is being used and board members are only being reimbursed for the lowest cost air flight available. There is no meal reimbursement, as is the AANR rule for all AANR meetings. Las Vegas was chosen due to low cost airfares and lodging.

Some of the items to be addressed are:

  1. The AANR building – whether to repair or sell and move the organization’s headquarters to a better and safer area.
  2. Simplifying dues structures – the regional presidents are all on this committee.
  3. A proposed name change – is one needed? If so, to what?
  4. Whether to reinstitute a new nudist trade association similar to the closed Trade Association For Nude Recreation (TANR).
  5. The “Carver Model” – whether to change the model of governance of the association to a different type of model as proposed by John Carver, author of the book “Boards That Make A Difference”. It would allow, among other items, looser control of the Executive Director by the board.
  6. Connecting with “adult” or “lifestyle” clubs and a proposed new rating system for nudist clubs. This is the one proposal that has garnered a lot of discussion and feedback. As AANR is now a family-oriented organization, any association with other types of organizations as noted in the first sentence would definitely change the principles and type of organization AANR is. There was a great deal of discussion of this particular item at the AANR-NW fall board meeting in September. Some consider this a “third rail” issue that could destroy AANR.