ANNR Election Season

Every two years, AANR holds elections for its members.  Ballots are included in your May Bulletins..  
There is a Proposed Bylaw Amendment to modify the bylaws to refer to botha procedure manual and a governance manual.  This allows the office to manage day to day office while allowing your board to make policy and governance decisions. 

Only two of the offices are in contention.  There are two candidates running for President,Tim Mullins and Beverly B. Price.  And there are two candidates running for Vice-president, Sharon McLeod and Robert Roche.

Click to view the campaign posters for Bev PriceSharon McLeod and the team of Tim Mullins and Robert Roche.
Traditionally, there has been about a 5-7% turnout.  Go to, make your decisions and vote.  Let’s have a much improved turnout this year.

Nudist and I Vote