Anti-nudity Bill hearing scheduled in Oregon – contact the Senate Judiciary committee ASAP!!!

*In late February, the Oregon Legislature introduced three bills (so far) that would affect the practice of simple nudity in the state of Oregon. **HJR 35, SJR 28 and SJR 37 are the three bills. The wording of HJR 35 and SJR 37 is identical. Info will be coming on them later. if any or all of these Joint Resolutions pass the legislature, they would be referred to the next Oregon General election, probably in November, 2012. The Governor cannot veto these bills, if they are passed.*

*The first bill that has a scheduled hearing and possible work session is SJR 28, which would place new wording in a new part two of Article One of our existing Oregon state Constitution :* *PARAGRAPH 1. Section 8, Article I of the Constitution of the State of Oregon, is amended to read: (remains the same)** { + Sec. 8. + } { + (1) + } No law shall be passed restraining the free expression of opinion, or restricting the right to speak, write, or print freely on any subject whatever; but every person shall be responsible for the abuse of this right. { – – – } * *(NEW SECTION) **{ + (2) This section does not prohibit the state or any county, municipality or district from regulating the location at which a business or organization may offer live entertainment or other services performed by a person in a state of nudity, as defined by the jurisdiction imposing the regulation. + }* ** *Simply put, instead of the very strong protection given by the present section one of Article One in the state Bill of Rights, this would allow any political subdivision in the state of Oregon – county, city, town, district, etc. – to write its own anti-nudity ordinance. This may be the worst of the three bills. It was introduced on February 17, then referred to the Senate Judiciary committee and subsequently to the Rules committee on February 22. Now, a hearing and potential work session in the Senate Judiciary Committee has been scheduled for Monday, March 21! * *The hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. in room 343 of the Oregon state capitol in Salem. Two other bills that do not affect us are also scheduled to be considered. The make-up of the committee and their contacts are at the bottom of this message. * ** *Please contact the committee members and explain (by phone, letter or e-mail) why you oppose these changes. You may state that you believe in Oregon’s free speech/expression clause in the Constitution just as it currently is. You may state your feelings (whether pro or con) on the type of businesses they wish to ban. Just let them know you just don’t support this wording. If you are open about being a nudist/naturist/hot springs user, you may add that to your call/letter/e-mail. The legislators need to hear from at least some of us. This (as well as the other two bills) is wrong as it will impact those that enjoy simple clothes-free recreation. If you have other wording or reasons to oppose the bill, let them know, but be civil, in any case. If you are contacting them, do so ASAP!! Share this information with your friends and ask them to comment in writing, attend the hearing or both. Carpool if necessary. This is important! Please forward this message on.*

*Mike Parker, AANR-NW GAT Chair*

*SENATE Judiciary Committee*

*Membership: Floyd Prozanski, Chair Jeff Kruse, Vice-Chair Suzanne Bonamici Jackie Dingfelder Doug Whitsett *

Senator Floyd Prozanski

*Party: *D* District: *4 *Capitol Phone: *503-986-1704 *District Phone: *541-342-2447 *Capitol Address: *900 Court St NE, S-417, Salem, OR, 97301 *District Office Address: *PO Box 11511, Eugene, OR, 97440 *Email: * *Website: *

Senator Jeff Kruse

*Party: *R* District: *1 *Capitol Phone: *503-986-1701 *District Phone: *541-580-3276 *Capitol Address: *900 Court St NE, S-315, Salem, OR, 97301 *District Office Address: *636 Wild Iris Lane, Roseburg, OR, 97470 *Email: * *Website: *

Senator Suzanne Bonamici

*Party: *D* District: *17 *Capitol Phone: *503-986-1717 *District Phone: *503-627-0246 *Capitol Address: *900 Court St NE, S-403, Salem, OR, 97301 *District Office Address: *PO Box 990, Beaverton, OR, 97075 *Email: * *Website: * Senator Jackie Dingfelder

*Party: *D* District: *23 *Capitol Phone: *503-986-1723 *District Phone: *503-493-2804 *Capitol Address: *900 Court St NE, S-407, Salem, OR, 97301 *District Office Address: *PO Box 13432, Portland, OR, 97213 *Email: * *Website: * ** Senator Doug Whitsett

*Party: *R* District: *28 *Capitol Phone: *503-986-1728 *District Phone: *541-883-4006 *Capitol Address: *900 Court St NE, S-303, Salem, OR, 97301 *District Office Address: *23131 N. Poe Valley Road, Klamath Falls, OR, 97603 *Email: * *Website: *

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