Anti-Nudity Initiative is Likely to be Put on the Spokane Ballot

Last monday night Dave and Kathy Smith showed up at the Spokane City Council meeting. They both testified as did three other Kaniksu Ranch members. There were three others that showed up. The end result was that the signatures are going to be sent to be validated, which was our best outcome. Once that is done, it goes before the council again to decide if they pass it (not likely in our opinion) or send it to ballot in November. We will be at that meeting as well and will again put out the call to local nudists for support at the meeting.

Dave and Kathy were approached by a reporter from the Spokesman-Review. He asked for their information for a possible future article. They were also both contacted by a Chanel 2 reporter. They also talked with two of the council members on the way out which were both positive conversations. A snippet of the testimony was on the Chanel 4 news.

Margie Cantlon at Sun Meadow alerted us to an article in the online version of the Inlander paper. The printed Inlander is a regional paper located in Spokane and is published weekly, put in many places and is free. We’ll be watching to see if it shows up in the printed version next week.