Northwest Nudist Community Video Party

A chance for nudists in the Northwest to get together and chat.
Our next party is May 8th from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.
Come join us and make some new friends in the region and catch up with some old friends.

Check for updates.
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Message from AANR President – Kathy Watzel

Fellow Nudists,

I hope that you are safe, healthy, and stay informed wherever you are. If you have had the opportunity to go to the grocery store or to get gas you might have seen the positive messages on the signage as you drove by on your way to the store. The most common, “We’re all in this together.”

I am finding people are friendlier and kinder. I was standing at the front of my local grocery store waiting to talk to the store manager (at least eight feet from the nearest open checkout line). While I was waiting five shoppers got into line. Every single one asked me if I was in line, not wanting to cut
in front of me.

My daughter was waiting in line to get into Costco. They were limiting the number of shoppers in the store. She learned the elderly couple, just in front of her, was in line just to get bleach. The husband had just gotten home from the hospital. When they made it to the door, the sign at the door read “no bleach.” This was the fifth store they had been to looking for bleach. My daughter asked them where they lived, called her husband to make sure they still had the two gallons of bleach at home, and invited them to stop by her house and
pick up a gallon. They did.

I’m sure you can all share stories similar to mine. COVID-19 has forced our daily routine to take a big detour; however, it has also given us opportunities. We are now spending more time with our families as well as completing all those projects around the house we’ve been ignoring or putting off.

It also gives us more opportunities to do things around the house in the nude. One of my nudist friends told me earlier: “I’m naked so much at home now that when my dog sees me put on clothes, he gets excited. He thinks we’re going somewhere.” I know many of you are working from home. Something you haven’t been allowed to do in the past.

If you are working from home in the nude just remember you are nude and don’t get yourself in an awkward situation with your conference calls. I have heard too many stories of nudists driving home in the nude, from a nudist resort, only to forget they were nude when they arrived home. Imagine their neighbors’ surprise as they were getting out of their car!

While you’re following the stay-at-home mandate, you might treat yourself to a facial, moisturizing from head to toe, put on your favorite perfume or cologne and lounge about naked with a glass of your favorite beverage. You’ll feel lovely, liberated, and slightly eccentric – a good combination.

Take a nap in the middle of the day. Take a soak in your hot tub or bathtub soaking away, in all your glory, in a dedicated sanctum of serenity. While supporting your local restaurant, order your take out in the nude
(they will never know).

Turn cleaning into a naked dance party – throw on some tunes, and enjoy being in your birthday suit and have some fun. And of course, many of us are finding ourselves on our electronic devices more. I am including a list of wonderful sites that you and your family might be interested in exploring while at home.

There is so much out there to help keep you active, entertained, and having fun while staying home, and it can all be done in the nude.

I wish you and your family safety, wellness and calm during these challenging times.

Kathryn J. Watzel
AANR President

Guess what you can do in the nude!

In this time of social distancing, there are many activities that we have to sacrifice for the common good. Still, there are many opportunities to do things in the nude from home that you might not have considered.

For example, try using Google Hangouts or FaceTime or other conference chat apps with friends. You can just chat or hold virtual BYOB cocktail or tea parties, or potlucks (you only get to eat what you bring), or puzzle parties where participants do their own jigsaw puzzle while everyone chats.

Also, many entertainment outlets are providing free access to content.

You can visit 12 different museums from your couch –
Do you like the opera? You can go to the Metropolitan Opera
in your birthday suit.
If the symphony is more what you enjoy, visit the Seattle Symphony at or the Berliner-Philharmoniker at
Go to the 58th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival without leaving your house and without putting on any clothes from March 24-29 at
You can see a Broadway play or musical –

Send your ideas to share for the next issue to During this stressful time, let’s work together to help one another find ways to keep entertained.


Sunday, March 15 – 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

1.) This is a Family Friendly event – there will be non-nudist life guards, but usage of the facilities will be in the nude.
2.) Available facilities : 25 yard lap pool, 6 lanes 3’6” – 11’6” deep 82 – 84 degrees, 20×40 yard hot pool 92 – 94 degrees, two saunas, two hot tubs, two steam rooms, two non gender dressing rooms with combination lockers (the state health department restricts usage of saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs to individuals who are ages 14 and older).
3.) There is a top limit of 75 pre-registered, pre-paid attendees, who may be required to show ID upon entrance. No weapons allowed (including pocket knives)
4.) Recommendation of two towels per attendee – one for sitting on in sauna or steam room, one for drying off.

COST: 18 or older – $20 with proof of AANR or TNS membership, $25 for general adult admission with no proof of membership, $10 under 18 with accompanying registered parent. SPECIAL – Those under 18 are free (for the first ten who take advantage of the offer)! Patrons supporting this opportunity are a couple of doctors who feel naturism is very healthy for folks of all ages, and they want to encourage families to come. They have not attended the swims due to many conflicts in clinical duties, but they want to show their support.

Contact: to reserve for the event and for other info.

Lake Associates Recreation Club (LARC) closes

Lake Associates Recreation Club (LARC), a nudist park near Mt. Vernon, WA, officially closes for business on March 31st. The property which LARC has occupied since 1991 has been sold to new owners, This means there will be no more fees or rentals. Nudity will cease on this date because the new owners may be around the property beginning in April . The sale of the property to Getaway.House was announced at the beginning of this year.

The LARC membership considered remaining active as a Non Landed/Travel club but has decided to disband. Club members and the Northwest region will surely miss the club. LARC members who choose to do so can become AANR Associate members on their own or join another club.

LARC members will need to leave by the end of April. There will be park wide yard/estate sales which are open to the public from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on March 28 and April 18.

Save the Date Book Signing

Book Signing at the Willamettans Fireside Inn, April 19th at 1pm. Queer “The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens” written for teens addresses many questions and challenges we adults have. The introduction reads: “The world is changing so fast in terms of accepting and supporting queer people.”

If you feel like the world has changed around you then co-author Kathy Belge’s presentation might be a chance to address your questions, receive information, and raise your awareness. Attending this event is a great way to support our LGBTQ members and community.

Kathy Belge is a freelance writer specializing in LGBTQ issues. She is the author of Lipstick & Dipstick’s Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships
and Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens. For 11 years she wrote a monthly lesbian advice column Lipstick & Dipstick for Curve magazine and was the guide to all things lesbian on She is currently traveling in her RV with her dog Olive.

A limited number of books will be available for purchase at the book signing. Preorder your book at Amazon for $14.99.
This event hosted by The Willamettans GAT