AANR-NW Convention

Join us at the Willamettans for our annual convention. This year is the 75th anniversary of AANR-NW and the 90th AANRversary for AANR. See the right hand column here at aanr-nw.org for more details.

Naked Mountain Biking: Horse Butte Loop.

Join Wandering Bare as we ride naked in the High Desert sun for an exciting afternoon of Naked Mountain Biking. The horse butte trail is a 10-mile loop trail. This ride is shorter and less altitude gain than the Coyote Loop trail we rode last summer. Riding naked through Central Oregon’s Desert Sage and Ponderosa pine Forests. All riding skill levels are welcome. We ride on seldom-used forest service roads and trails, rarely meeting other riders or hikers.

Meet at Boyd Cave parking area about a quarter-mile north of China Hat Road where the pavement ends.

How to find us

From Hwy 97 southbound, Exit onto Knotts Rd. travel East. Turn right onto China Hat Rd. Turn Left onto Boyd Cave access Rd just before the cattle guard where the pavement ends. The parking area is about a quarter-mile north of China Hat Rd.

This 10-mile ride will start at Boyd Cave on China Hat Rd. Ride west towards Horse Butte then return east to Boyd Cave.

Naked biking should be fun, pleasant, relaxing, refreshing, exhilarating, exciting, and enjoyable. Everyone should feel comfortable riding naked. Please keep in mind that all nudist activities are strictly non-sexual. We expect all riders to be familiar with the etiquette of nude recreation. And will conduct yourself appropriately.

DISCLAIMER: Mountain biking can be dangerous, that’s why we wear helmets. Mountain biking naked, more so. Wandering Bare events are not led by paid, professional guides. By joining Wandering Bare you accept full responsibility for your own safety and the safety of fellow members. By joining Wandering Bare, you agree that in no event and under no circumstances shall the group’s organizers or fellow members are liable for any injury or property damage of any nature to yourself resulting from your participation or resulting from the negligence of any other member of Wandering Bare. You accept all responsibility for and agree to hold the organizers harmless from, any injury, harm, or damage resulting from anything going wrong on an event. If you choose to sign up for any Wandering Bare events, you are releasing this group, its organizers, and members from all legal and civil liability in case of possible injuries.

Naked Adventure at Andrew Reasoner wildlife refuge

Andrew Reasoner wildlife refuge is a private 300-acre spread. Wandering Bare has spoken to the owners and they have given the go-ahead for nude hiking. They will close the refuge for the time that we are there. You can walk naked feeling completely secure! You can’t get much better than that! The owners only ask not to be naked near the road or when in sight of the neighbors, other than that we have free reign of the refuge!

The Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve Conservation Easement protects 294 acres of oak savannah and in the Long Tom River watershed. Seasonal creeks, rocky outcroppings, and a special forest management area provide a home for iconic Oregon white oak trees and Willamette Valley ponderosa pine, native birds, elks, deer, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The oak woodlands on the property make it a great home for many species of wildlife native to the Willamette Valley. Because of the loss of most of the oak savannah habitat in the region, the remaining oaks like those found on the Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve are increasingly important. Critical species on the property include acorn woodpecker, chipping sparrow, yellow-breasted chat, western bluebird, slender-billed nuthatch, Western gray squirrel, shaggy horkelia, and Hitchcock’s blue-eyed grass. Deer, bobcat, cougar, bear, rattlesnake, and many species of migratory birds also visit or make their homes on the property.

Walking Naked in Oregon’s Bad Lands. Ancient Juniper Trail.

So you are looking for someplace to hike Naked in the Central Oregon area that doesn’t put you by a lake or river? But at the same time you want to explore and see an area that has a long volcanic history?

Well, the Ancient Juniper Trail located in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness just might be the hike for you. The Ancient Juniper Trail is mostly topographically flat, but there is a little elevation gain and loss along the way, and while hiking the trail you will see ancient Juniper trees, some of which may be almost 1,000 years old, sagebrush, and many igneous outcrops. The area provides hikers with plenty of solitude. The Ancient Juniper Trail is about 1.9 miles long, but the trail connects with the Flatiron Rock Trail which allows you to hike a loop of about 3.25 miles. To make the loop turn right on the Flatiron Rock Trail to return the the trailhead.
This trail is located in the Badlands Wilderness Area offering panoramic views, desert wildflowers, juniper forests, and lava structures The Ancient Juniper Trail also connects with the Badlands Rock and Flatiron Trails. Giving us a chance to explore the Badlands. You will want to bring plenty of water.

All Hail Marx and Lennon! (Groucho & John)

Wandering Bare will be Celebrating May Day with a naked nature walk at Finley Wildlife Refuge. And pay honor to the two greatest social icons of all time. Groucho Marx – “I don’t want to belong to any club, that will accept me as a member.” And John Lennon – “You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!”
(Weather and Authorities permitting*)

Finley Wildlife refuge is big, it’s really big with open spaces. Offering plenty of space to enjoy a secluded naked walk or wander bare. The refuge is usually deserted since most people visiting are there in the morning and evening when the birds and wildlife is more active. We have met a few textiled visitors in the past, it’s usually not a problem.

We will enter the reserve on the Beaver & Cattail Ponds trailhead located at a turnout off Bruce Road.
Beaver & Cattail Ponds Trail. We’ll enter the reserve, walking down a tree-lined service road to an old rock quarry site. Then through the Maple Knoll Research Natural Area and on the Beaver Pond.
At the interior service road or, “Campbell Lake Trail” this trail runs through the reserve and ties the Mill Hill Loop, Pigeon Butte Trails and the Campbell Board Walk.
We’ll have no addenda, just a chance to spend a peaceful afternoon wandering bare through natural world of Finley Wildlife Refuge.

* Weather and Authorities permitting. Weather, If is raining we’ll reschedule. Authorities permitting? “Question Authority” Up the revaluation!

Here is the link to the Finley trail map.

Please feel free to post comments or questions, or you can contact me directly at wanderingbareoregon@gmail.com

National Naked Hiking Day 2021: Cascade Head

June 21 is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the start of summer, and “National Naked Hiking Day!” We’ll celebrate National Naked Hiking Day at one of the truly amazing places on the Oregon Coast.
Cascade Head trail is steep in areas 7 miles in and out with a 1200 foot elevation gain. Dogs are not permitted on this trail. This is a moderately used trail, by hiking naked on Monday evening there shouldn’t be too many people using the trail. Still, you may want to have a sarong to cover up with if we meet other hikers.
The climb steep in areas, sometimes on stairs through an old-growth coastal forest. Doug fir and spruce dominate the area. The trail crosses a couple of small streams on new bridges, then enters a virtual tunnel of undergrowth. Leaving the forest and entering the headland meadow. The views are immediately tremendous to the south. The Salmon River Estuary dominates an ocean view that extends to Lincoln City. There’s a small oasis of trees is a draw, then the trail again hits the open slopes. The trail traverses along the ridge at about the 500-foot level, finally coming to a northern view, down a cliff to the Pacific. From there, the trail begins climbing the slope. After several switchbacks, it levels out somewhat as we approach the upper viewpoint, 1200 feet above sea level. There is a semi-secret field above the upper viewpoint. Where we can sunbathe and enjoy the 360-degree views of the ocean and surrounding mountains. Finishing with a spectacular ocean sunset Expect 3 and a half to 4 hours. Bring a light in maybe getting dark by the time we return to the trailhead.

Third Annual Clothing Optional Blueberry Picking Day

Terra Fluvia Blueberry Farm invites you to, the “Third Annual Clothing Optional Blueberry Picking Day!”
Why Pick Blueberries naked? It’s fun! Actives like Berry Picking and Gardening naked are second only to skinny-dipping, of family-friendly nudist activities. Picking berries is not only a simple joy but picking berries naked makes you feel as if your part of nature. It’s also nice, pleasant, relaxing, refreshing, exhilarating, exciting, and enjoyable.
There will be a $ 10.00-day fee, payable to:
Terra Fluvia Blueberry Farm
A Day of Unlimited you-pick access to Willamette Valley’s Oldest and Bluest Blueberries!
Please read this update.
The Coronavirus will probably still be an issue next summer. Terra Fluvia Blueberry Farm will be operating relatively normally this year, as they did last year with these adjustments. Cassady and Tory ask that all visitors please do their part.
Everyone will need to wash their hands upon entering and leaving the field. We’ll have a hand-washing station set up, along with other supplies too, including hand sanitizer.
Please maintain at least a 6-foot distance from everyone who is not part of your household, especially around the check-in table. Please wear a mask at the table while you’re signing in and out and weighing your berries (if you can, just have one household member do this part). We’ll be wiping down the table every 8 seconds, so don’t mind us.
If you are able, please feel free to bring your own buckets this year. We’ll provide them too as usual, but will need to clean and disinfect them after each use.
Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to encourage people to sample until they find their favorite berries this year: the Dept of Ag says “do not eat fruit while picking,” and “do not touch fruit that you will not pick.” Dang. Sorry about that.
Don’t come if you are sick, or have been in contact with someone who is sick.