WANDERING BARE! at Finley Wildlife Refuge

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May 15, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
William Finley National Wildlife Refuge
Joe Haggerty

Finley Wildlife refuge is big, it’s really big, 5,325 acres of open space. With habitats ranging from wetlands to upland oak savanna, a diverse array of birdlife, mammals and plants. Offering plenty of space to enjoy a secluded, refreshing and relaxing afternoon of Wandering Bare. The refuge is usually deserted, most people visiting are there in the morning and evening when the birds and wildlife is more active. We have met a few textiled visitors in the past, it’s usually not a problem.
We will enter the reserve on the Beaver & Cattail Ponds trailhead located at a turnout off Bruce Road.
This leisurely walk we’ll visit the Refuge’s diverse habitats, starting with the woodsy path to the Beaver and Cattail Ponds, then continuing on the service road towards Cabell Marsh. From there we’ll turn south onto another service road, wandering past agricultural fields in route to Pigeon Butte, the Refuge’s highest point. The top affords great views of the valley and portions of the Cascade and Coast Ranges. The butte’s gentle slopes are good places to spot threatened and endangered flora such as Golden paintbrush and Willamette Daisy, not to mention lupine and other wildflowers. A short cross-country descent of a hillside meadow will return us to the Cattail Ponds Trail and parking area. Spending a peaceful afternoon Wandering Bare through natural environment of Finley Wildlife Refuge. Roughly 4 miles total.
Here is the link to the Finley trail map.

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