Final Call for Comment on Bagby Hot Springs Management Proposal

*Final Call for Comment on Bagby Hot Springs Management Proposal:* ** *Monday, February 14 is the deadline for comments on the preliminary assessment of getting a private contractor to manage 27 Mount Hood National Forest sites as well as Bagby Hot Springs. The decision regarding whether Bagby Hot Springs will be under a concessionaire permit and included with the 27 campgrounds, or a volunteer group permit, or Forest Service management will be made on factors including public comments received. The decision will be made quickly, by March or April, but the Forest Service will continue management through 2011 and may possibly include Bagby with the 27 campgrounds in 2012. * * * *Concerning the private/public management decision, AANR-NW does not have a position. We do wish to address the General Order issued in 1992, banning nudity at the hot springs. Our position is that simple nudity in and around the hot tubs, absent any other type of illegal conduct, is a long-time historic tradition at Bagby Hot Springs and should be allowed. The Forest Service is adamant that they do not wish to cancel the Order issued in 1992, banning nudity at Bagby. That is because an alcohol ban and night closure of the site were also part of that Order. It was also stated that the cost involved in cancelling the order would be prohibitive. We believe that a simple amendment to the order, allowing nudity in the hot tubs and around the hot tub area would return to the spirit and intent of the historical hot springs usage. There is no anti-nudity ordinance/law in Clackamas county (where Bagby is situated) or in the state of Oregon. * * * *Should you wish to make a comment to the USFS, you may identify yourself as a nudist, an AANR member or as an “interested party.” Please write in clear language about why you desire to see Bagby Hot Springs as a clothes-optional recreation area. If you have been a user of the hot springs in the past, please relate your experiences using the site nude. If you were unaware in the past about the 1992 Order, please also state that information. At this late date, only FAX or e-mail contacts would work.* ** *Comments on the Preliminary Assessment should be addressed to Malcolm Hamilton at:

** Fax: (503) 668-1413 Email: ** ***

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