by Karen Lahey
Gymnophobia is the name for the fear of nudity. It is an anxiety disorder and can be serious. Most people that are anti-nudist don’t suffer from gymnophobia. They suffer from ???. You can fill in the blanks.

It is interesting that there is a phobia about nudity. I wouldn’t have thought it until I was searching the internet for something to write about. This is a not too subtle hint that you ‘should’ be sending me content to publish.

What I did find was a a e-petition being proposed to criminalize gymnophobia. The justification was made that racism is a crime and homophobia is a crime so gymnophobia should be a crime. You can see this e-petition at
You can’t sign this petition unless you are a citizen of the UK.
I agree with most of the petition, but not with the very beginning. There is no way to legislate against hatred and prejudice. And certainly, one should not legislate against the sufferers of a disease. We can only legislate about how people act no matter how they feel about each other.

Really, please send me articles or ideas.