Sundays – Oct 13 (this is coming up soon! Reserve NOW!), Jan 26, Feb 23 and Mar 29. 6:30-9:00 p.m.

COST (Including shoe rental)

In Advance –

$13 person – AANR or TNS member

$15 person – non-AANR or non-TNS member

At Door –

$18 person – AANR or TNS member

$20 person – non-AANR or non-TNS member


Saturday, November 2- 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

1.) This is a Family Friendly event – there will be non-nudist life guards, but usage of the facilities will be in the nude.

2.) Available facilities : 25 yard lap pool, 6 lanes 3’6” – 11’6” deep 82 – 84 degrees, 20×40 yard hot pool 92 – 94 degrees, two saunas, two hot tubs, two steam rooms, two dressing rooms with combination lockers (the state health department restricts usage of saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs to individuals who are ages 14 and older).

3.) There is a top limit of 75 pre-registered, pre-paid attendees, who may be required to show ID upon entrance. No weapons allowed (including pocket knives)

4.) Recommendation of two towels per attendee – one for sitting on in sauna or steam room, one for drying off.

COST: 18 or older – $20 with proof of AANR or TNS membership, $25 for general adult admission with no proof of membership, $10 under 18 with accompanying registered parent.

These events are in the Portland, Oregon, southwest Washington area .

Location details for each event above will be provided upon preregistration. Contact treasurer@hiddenspringsnudist.org to register.

Please consider coming, so we can continue to have these events.