Keeping Your Eyes Open for Potentially Harmful Legislation

An important function of AANR is to watch legislation that might be harmful to nudism and to block it or to change it so that it will not affect social nudism.

In order to do this, AANR needs to know what legislation is being planned.

At the state level, AANR membership dollars go to buy a subscription to CQ State Track ( This website tracks bills given a set of keywords. Your regional GAT chair (Mike Parker – has a login to this site. However, any of us can look at the search results to see what is going on in our region. It is important to note that many of the reported bills do not affect us at all. They just meet the search criteria.

For the Northwest, the link is

That is just the first step. AANR-NW needs to know what is going on in each county, city, town, etc. Spokane Valley, WA, passed a law last year banning mere nudity. AANR-NW didn’t know about it in time to mount an effective fight against it.
That is where you come in. Read your newspaper and your local blogs. Watch your local TV. Listen to local radio. Go to community meetings. If you learn about anything at all that might affect us, send information about it to and to It is better to get multiple emails about the same issue than no emails at all.

Remember that AANR is us. And we are AANR. It is up to us to make it work.

For your information —
The links to pending legislation for all of the US AANR regions are:

There is no comparable pending legislation link for AANR-Western Canada.