Nevada Bill to Ban Nude Photos Online

A new bill was introduced December 20 by the Nevada State Attorney General’s office (AB49) whose goal is stopping nude photos from being posted online or being shared via smart phone. The new language in Sections 13 and 14 specifically takes aim at groups of nudists who may take photos of each other in the state, or nudist clubs from taking and sharing photos, even with permission. The proposed law amends NRS 101.220 and 201.220 (which are the sections in the state code affecting nudity) by labeling such actions as a felony and the photographer guilty of a sexual offense (and thus put onto the sex offender list).

We need to get the language amended so that it focuses only on its intended targets, those posting selfies by former partners without permission. Nevadans traditionally look poorly on letters from outside the state so we need Nevadans to do the writing. Contact all the nudists or friends of nudists in Nevada that you know and ask them to contact their legislators.

The Nevada legislature is going to act quickly on this measure (hearings scheduled next month) so a lobbyist may be the only way to get an amendment to the bill. If so, AANR-West needs to find perhaps $10,000 to pitch in to match what NAC says they are willing to pay to hire a competent lobbyist quickly. Contact Tim Mullins at to find out how to contribute.

The language used in this bill is similar to writings that has been sent to legislators in many states hoping to find local sponsors to carry out this agenda. If it passes in Nevada, no doubt other states and other regions will see similar bills, so by burying our heads in the sand and saying this is only Nevada means we will revisit this again and again later in the year elsewhere. So this affects other regions also.