Northwest Folklife

Folklife was fantastic. I really want to thank all of the people that helped with this. Astrid and Mike King donated a beautiful AANR-NW banner. Many clubs sent gift basket items and pamphlets. We got great photos from several clubs. Thanks to Randy and “T” for the photo booth idea and to Snail, from Fraternity Snoqualmie, who painted two beautiful nude torsos that were a favorite photo op. Fraternity Snoqualmie lent us their festival booth. All of this went into having a great information booth. As many people remarked, we got great exposure. We will set much of it up at the AANR-NW convention at Kaniksu in July for you to see.
In particular, I want to thank the volunteers, and their sore feet, that manned the booth. People came from Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Thank you so much to Brie, Richard, Linda, Effie and Don. And to my husband, Jim, who helped assemble and take down the booth, spent four days in it and put up with me for the weeks while I was getting ready for it.

We talked to well over 2000 people. We talked to people from every state in our region, including Alaska. We also talked with people outside of our region. Some from as far away as Australia. That doesn’t include those that just took brochures. We gathered contact information from 198 people.

It was great!