Northwest Nude News 01/10/2014


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Spa night at LadyWell’
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Reaction to Nude Year’s Resolutions

Three of our readers are willing to share their responses to the
challenge to take a small step out of the clothes closet.
With regard to your New Year’s Resolution suggestion:

Although people tend to resist change, they gradually adapt to changes
in the prevailing customs. A century ago, one could be arrested for
indecency for wearing a form-fitting one-piece bathing costume. After
WWII, two-piece swim suits gradually became more popular and more
abbreviated, and now Victoria’s Secret can put runway shows on
television with a minimum amount of fabric. However, in a retrograde
move, even Victoria’s Secret costumes show not the least suggestion of a
nipple, whereas 40 years ago soft bras were popular and nipples were not

Since Oregon has no laws against non-sexual public nudity (although
cities may impose their own restrictions), it may be possible for clubs
to advertise with appropriate pictures, such as on a billboard near
their facilities, or other suitable locations.

The more people see of nudism, the less they will consider it a weird
fringe movement.

Nude regards,

Desmond Armstrong

Karen, that was a very interesting article on your Toastmaster’s experience.

On the theme of “packing” for anything nudist related. Everytime Mona
and I head for SMR we go through this routine of finding the right
clothes to take. We then laugh and ask ourselves what in the world are
we thinking. We need no clothes! We then make sure we have our robes,
towels, flip flops, and sun screen. But the interesting thing that
boggles our minds is… why do we have SO MUCH laundry after a
weekend?!? I don’t think I could handle a textile weekend of camping
again. The laundry would swamp us!

Hugh Wright

When I retired ,the employees had a small party for me . One of my co-
workers made a plaque for me with my working years on it . At the base
of the plaque it also had inscribed that I belonged to TNS.There were
Questions… I stood up and told about 50 people that TNS was a Naturist
organization. Everyone thought that I was also a Biologist as well as a
Maintenance Worker . I cleared it up for them . A few blushed and a few
whistled, mostly laughter.I thought it was good for all of them.

William Sell