Northwest Nude News 01/24/2014

Northwest Nude News 01/24/2014

This week in the Northwest

Black Light Karaoke – 7:30pm -Fraternity Snoqualmie

Game and Sauna Night – 7:30pm – Fraternity Snoqaulmie

Meeting – Hidden Springs

Board Meeting – 11:00am – _Fraternity Snoqualmie_

Update on the “We the People” petition:

*Designate portions of public lands under management of the federal
government for clothing-optional recreational use.*
In a week we have gone from a handful of supporters to 2043 as of Friday
morning. That is a significant increase, but still a long way from the
100,000 signatures needed by Feb. 12. AANR and the other regions have
sent out notices to members to sign the petition.
If you haven’t done so already please sign the petition, and encourage
everyone you know to do so also. Anyone with a US address can sign the
Here is a link to the

petition website
may need to copy paste this into your browser.)
You must have an account, so click on the “Create an Account” button
first. You will need an email address and a zip code.
If we get the 100,000 signatures, the federal administration must
respond to our request.