Northwest Nude News 03/06/2014


This week in the Northwest

Board Meeting – 10am – Lake Associates Recreation Club

Board Meeting – 10am – Mountaindale Sun Resort

General Meeting – 1pm -Mountaindale Sun Resort

Mardi Gras Celebration – 6pm -Mountaindale Sun Resort

Spa Night @ LadyWells

6pm – SLUGS

Facebook Censors Spencer Tunick

As a follow up to the Northwest Nude New’s article from two weeks ago,
please see an “Maybe Facebook Would Let Photographer Spencer Tunick Post
Naked Pics If He Worked for /Sports Illustrated/
written on the Village Voice blog, shows the art of Spencer Tunick

that is not acceptable on Facebook, as well as the body painted bikini
that is acceptable on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Facebook page.

AANR Education Foundation

The AANR Education Foundation

is a charitable partner of the American Association for Nude Recreation
whose objectives are to:

* Seek partnerships with individuals, groups and organizations in
support of the creation of art, literature, and scholarship,
relating to the nudist world, its practices, and the wholesome
nature of the human body.
* Endeavor to develop educated persons and leaders in broad areas of
society; and aim to improve people’s lives by developing community
support for nudist resorts, clubs, groups and areas.

At its Mid-Winter Meeting in Kississimme, The AANR Education Foundation
approved a grant that was requested by AANR-Florida, for partial funding
of a study of the economic impact of nude recreation in Florida. Having
such a study will allow other locations to point to the economic success
of nude recreation in Florida. The final report will also contain a
blueprint identifying how the study was done. This will enable the
study to be repeated for any geographic area.

Contributions, which may be tax deductible, will help to provide
scholarships to our young nudists as well as supporting similar studies.
Please see
more information.