Northwest Nude News 03/13/2014

Northwest Nude News 03/13/2014

This week in the Northwest 3/14 – 3/20

Casino Night/St. Patrick’s Dinner – The Rogue Suncatchers

Board Meeting -9:30am – Willamettans

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – 6pm – Willamettans

St. Patrick’s Day Potluck – 6:30pm – Squaw Mt. Ranch

Karaoke – 8pm – Willamettans

St. Paddy’s Day Dance – 8:30pm – Lake Bronson

St. Patrick’s Brunch @Eola Hills Winery

– 11am – Bare Spirits

Executive Board Meeting – 10am – Squaw Mt. Ranch

General Assembly Meeting – 12am – Squaw Mt. Ranch

General Assembly – 12:30pm – Willamettans

St. Patrick’s Day Potluck – 1pm – Fraternity Snoqualmie

Next week in the Northwest 3/21 – 3/27

*Entire Weekend*
Festival of the Arts – Sun Meadow Resort

Trio Voronezh

– Sun Meadow Resort

Bare Bowling – Hidden Springs

Tent Up, & Mardi Gras Decorating – 9am – LARC

Mardi Gras Dance – 7:30pm – LARC

Game and Sauna Night – 8pm – Fraternity Snoqualmie

Board Meeting – 11am – Fraternity Snoqualmie

Potluck Lunch – 12:30pm – LARC

General Membership Meeting – 1:30pm – LARC

Festival of the Arts at Sun Meadow

This year, the annual Sun Meadow Festival of the Arts will be March
21-23, with the concert on FRIDAY, March 21. This will be an exciting
concert, with lively music that we will recognize, played on instruments
that we may NOT recognize!

Trio Voronezh

will be here at Sun Meadow on Friday, March 21 to kick off the Festival
of the Arts.
Bring some artwork you own (or borrow some, we don’t care!) to put on
display. Let’s make the lodge an art gallery!

We’re moving the time of the chocolate pot luck but not the date.
Instead of having chocolate during concert intermission, we will have it
on Saturday at our mezzanine party!

Now, about Trio Voronezh:
Trio Voronezh is a musical ensemble that produces incredibly exciting
sounds and compelling arrangements of classics across a variety of
musical styles, all played upon Russian folk instruments. Trio
Voronezh’s astonishing virtuosity and delightful artistic innovation
give the trio the ability to alter the way audiences experience
classical, folk and contemporary repertoire. The diverse repertoire of
the Trio includes the works of Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky,
Shostakovich, and Rachmaninov, s well as Russian folk songs, Argentine
tangos, gypsy dance music, bluegrass and popular songs by Gershwin. The
ever expanding concert material is arranged by the members of the Trio,
and performed with extraordinary virtuosity and musical lyricism
entirely from memory.

The musicians of Trio Voronezh have been playing and performing since
they were young children, around the age of six. They continued their
classical training and pursued further study at the Conservatory in
Voronezh, Russia, which is where they met each other, and the source of
their name.

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