Northwest Nude News 09/07/2018

AANR-NW Award Winning Volunteers

Three honor awards were given at the AANR-NW convention at Squaw Mountain Ranch in July.

The first two awards were member of the year. This award is given to an AANR-NW member for their contribution in promoting and/or furthering nudism at the regional level during the previous calendar year.

2018 AANR-NW Members of the Year are:

Terri Capshaw from Sun Meadow

Terri has been a member of both AANR and AANR-NW for over 33 years.

During this time she has helped co-ordinate and run the children’s activity tent at both the AANR and AANR-NW conventions along with her husband, Mike Capshaw.

She has served as AANR-NW Treasurer since 2010 when she was elected to the office.

In addition to these duties, she functions as a co-owner of Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort since 2008. She officiates both the volleyball and bocce ball tournaments as well as acting as a weekend exercise guru with her morning walks and yoga classes.

Additionally, Terri received the President’s Meritorious Award from Karen Lahey in 2016 for support above and beyond the normal expectations of her position.

Terri sits on and contributes to the AANR Membership Management system Selection Committee which is in the process of replacing the database in the AANR office.

Therefore, I respectfully submit that Terri Capshaw be considered and recognized for her many hours of service and dedication to AANR-NW as a nominee for Member of the Year.

Mike Parker from Hidden Springs

Over the years, Mike has continued to contribute to AANR-NW in many ways. He is our librarian and spends many, many hours archiving our history at the library at the Willamettans. He is our Public Lands Liaison and works to make nudism safe in the wild.

In particular, in the last year, Mike organized the Travel Club Event in March. This event brought together members from most of our travel clubs and one of our landed clubs. It highlights the best of AANR-NW in that it shows how our clubs work and play together. We want to recognize his effort in pulling this together.

AANR-NW Presidential Award

Donna Jennings from Sun Meadow

Each year, the regional president may choose a recipient of the AANR-NW Presidential Award. This year’s award goes to Donna Jennings for her work as Vice-President and other work to support the region and the president.