Northwest Nude News 10/10/2013

Northwest Nude News 10/10/2013

This week in the Northwest

Bare Bowling – Hidden Springs

Halloween DInner/Dance -Mountaindale Sun Resort

Black Tie DInner/Concert with The Duet (formerly known as Bottom Line

Sun Meadow Resort

Canadian Thanksgiving Potluck – Lake Associates Recreation Club

Fall adopt a highway cleanup with free lunch – Sun Meadow Resort

“Naked & Scared Challenge” – Too scary for PA??

Last week, a haunted house operator in Pennsylvania planned, as part of
this year’s scary offerings, to offer the “Naked & Scared Challenge”. In
this option, patrons could go through the haunted house nude. This
seemed like a great idea and would be a lot of fun. AANR contacted the
operator to offer its support. Unfortunately, the owner informed AANR
that the naked challenge was cancelled due to local government pressure
and concern that law enforcement could shut down his entire operation.

A vocal minority has imposed its will on so many others. Close minded
individuals have made a decision for everyone else. AANR will be
commenting in the various media outlets that are covering this story.
This event reinforces the need for AANR to get beyond the “walls and
fences” and educate the general public about social nudism.

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