Northwest Nude News 11/14/2013

Northwest Nude News 11/14/2013

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* Thanksgiving Swim – Rogue Suncatchers

* Thanksgiving DInner – Squaw Mountain Resort

* Thanksgiving Potluck – WIllamettans


* Thanksgiving Potluck – Bare Spirits

* Thanksgiving Potluck – Fraternity Snoqualmie

* Meeting/Potluck/Hot Tub Party – Hidden Springs

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* Board Meeting at FS – Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies

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Nudity in the City of Spokane Valley

In response to scantily clad baristas, the Spokane Valley City Council
is considering an ordinance
would dictate a dress code in public places while in the city of Spokane
Valley. The dress code requires private body parts to be covered.
Violations would be considered a misdemeanor and could incur a fine up
to $1000 or 90 days imprisonment.

On November 12th, the city council voted in favor of this ordinance (the
unlawful public exposure ordinance). It will be read again for further
approval on November 26.

See news reports from

* The Spokesman Review





Within this ordinance it states –
public nudity and semi-nudity can have a negative impact on the
community, including exposure to minors; and

The definitions in the ordinance are interesting.
8.55.010 – Definitions.
Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions used in
this chapter shall have the following meanings:
“*Expose or exposure*” means to reveal or otherwise render open to view
in a public place.
“*Full and opaque covering*” means material which is securely attached
over or around the shoulders, neck or back, and which is not transparent
or translucent. Body paint, body dye, tattoos, liquid latex whether wet
or dried, or any similar substance applied to the skin surface shall not
be considered opaque covering. Any substance which can be washed off the
skin is not full and opaque covering as required by this chapter.
“*Prohibited body parts*” for purposes of this chapter means exposure of:
– any part of the male or female genitals, or anus; or
– more than one-half of the female breast by area; or
– any part of the areola or nipple of the female breast.
“*Public place*” means an area visible to public view, including any
place in which the general public has a right to be present or view,
whether or not conditioned upon payment of a fee.

This ordinance does exempt “Adult Entertainment”.