Northwest Nude News 11/23/2013

This week in the Northwest

Thanksgiving DInner andChris Proctor
– Sun Meadow Resort

Thanksgiving Celebration Potluck and Social Evening – Lake Bronson

Thanksgiving at Sun Meadow – Wine Country Bares

Jim Smock, Executive Director of AANR, Resigns

AANR President, Susan Weaver, has reported that our Executive Director,
Jim Smock, has tendered his resignation from his position with AANR.
His family situation demands that he spend more time with his sons and
wife in Michigan. Until a replacement is found, Susan will fill the
role of Executive Director, per our ruling documents.

FromScott Withers> (AANR GAT staff) on
Spokane Valley Ordinance

The all-male city council in Spokane Valley (AANR NW) is trying to
quickly push through an anti-public nudity law that carries a stiff penalty.

The council is rushing it through for a second reading and vote this

Originally, it was designed because baristas at one coffee house were
scantily clad. Now it has taken on significant implications for nudists.
It bans all nudism, body paint, liquid latex, etc. and carries a $1,000
fine and up to 90 days in jail.

This ordinance should be about food safety and not nudism.

It is interesting to note, the law would not impact the city’s thriving
and all important adult entertainment industry.

Here is a link to the Spokane Valley City Council with their email

Write them and tell them this is about food safety and NOT nudism.
(from Karen>, I would also mention that
nudism is not harmful to children, as the ordinance claims,).


Scott Withers>

Roger Duncan

Roger Duncan, a long time AANR-NW director from Fraternity Snoqualmie
died last Monday night at about 7:30pm. His wife, Kat,//would like to
have all of Roger’s fellow members and friends come up to FS on Sunday,
Dec 8 at 2:00PM, to share their memories of Roger. This will be a
potluck, so please bring a dish, snack or dessert and your favorite
stories to share. (Kat says you can cry…but don’t let her see it.
Please know that you are welcome.