Nominations Open for AANR Northwest Man and Woman of the Year due March 15

*Nominations Open for AANR Northwest Man and Woman of the Year* * * Do you know of a man or woman who is an AANR Northwest member and who contributed to nudism in this region during 2012. (Note: Contributions to their home clubs don’t count — those contributions should be recognized by the person’s club.) The Man and Woman of the Year Committee seeks your help in nominating persons for these honor awards. Look around you, see who fits this criterion, and let us know.

Send our committee the name of the nominee, his/her home club, and a detailed resume of his/her contributions to AANR Northwest during the past year. The committee will use this information to make their selection for the award. Winners will be announced at the annual AANR Northwest convention, but they are not required to attend to win. Include your name and your club and a contact (email if possible). You need not be a member of the same club as the nominee.

There are two ways to nominate a man and/or a woman for the award.

The easiest way is to fill out the form at . The password can be found in the Nudescene on the calendar page, which comes with your Bulletin. Or just send me a note and we will send the password to you.

Or you can use a nomination form (one for each person) which is enclosed with this email. Mail the completed form to: George Mickelson AANR-NW Man & Woman of the Year Committee 39200 SE Lusted Road Sandy, Or 97055-9525

or e-mail to

Submission deadline is March 15.

pdf iconManWomanOfTheYear.pdf