Potential Topeka (KS) Anti-Nudity Law

A few weeks ago, a man was observed walking naked along a road in a sparsely populated portion of Topeka. It was a relatively slow news day, and a local TV station featured the story. CNN picked up the “news,” which included a brief interview with the Shawnee County sheriff. The sheriff advised that no state or local law prevents public nudity, unless it’s done with sexual intent, and that was apparently not the case in this instance.

In response, local lawmakers are trying to create such a law. A Topeka city council member
filed a proposed ordinance. It will be considered at the September 23 meeting of the council.

In Topeka, an ordinance must be presented twice before a vote is taken. It is too early to tell what the outcome will be. NAC is following the case, and is urging Topeka and Kansas residents to attend the council meeting.