Spokane Initiative to Ban Nudity

Petitioners have submitted the Spokane Anti-Nudity Initiative to the city clerk in Spokane with 3,306 signatures on the last possible days (last Friday and this Monday). They had 365 days to gather these signatures. This initiative was reported last year in https://www.aanr-nw.org/?p=769894

The petition filers want to have the city council take a vote to pass their proposed ordinance without validating the signatures and without putting it on the ballot.

The issue is on the docket for next Monday, 2/23/2015, at 6pm (see attached).

The signatures are, as of yet, not validated.

It is extremely important that nudists and those who support nudism in Spokane attend the city council proceedings and speak against having the city council pass the measure without validation of the signatures or without the vote of the people.

If you want more information, please contact our GAT chair Mike Parker (gat@aanr-nw.org) or Karen Lahey (president@aanr-nw.org)