Theater in the Nude

Last week, we announced the availibiliy of a nude showing of the next Playwright’s Theater Production. Since no one has shown a preference for a given night, We will target Friday, Dec 12, 2014. It avoids various activities at local clubs on the Saturday evening, but is still on a weekend. Only 87 seats are available and some have already been spoken for. The play will be performed at Hugo House on Capitol Hill in Seattle. To make sure you get one of the seats, reserve a ticket by emailing . This is first come, first serve.

This production is “Tiny Tim is Dead”. The play doesn’t address nudism, but it is a great venue for us to get together for a nude event. The synopsis of the play is:

On a frigid Christmas Eve amidst cardboard shelters and trashcan hearths, five adults and a mute boy band together and give the only gift they can offer. “A Christmas Carol,” as enacted by this ragtag group of vagrants who themselves might ask only for a little heat, leftover food and mittens. This irregular holiday tale is wickedly amusing and delicately poignant as it takes a wry and ironic look at a group of homeless people who form an unconventional family, related not by race, class or education, but by the same circumstances life has found them.