Why am I a Nudist?

A discussion thread on the SLUGS list had people telling about how they became nudists. We all have different stories and this newsletter is a great way to share them. Being able to tell your story is a first step in being able to tell other people why nudism is great. If you would like your story published, please send it to president@aanr-nw.org. We will publish these essays as they are sent to us. Enjoy.

From BANX:
I just spent a glorious day at Wreck Beach yesterday. While sunning and swimming I reflected on the events that let me to naturism. Following the death of a friend I sought refuge hiking up the wild reaches of a river. I came to the trail’s end at the river bank. The opposite shore was a wide sandy beach. So inviting, it was calling to me. Not wanting to get my clothes wet fording the river I made the choice to strip down and cross. The cool mountain water and sun on my back felt incredible (I think you all know the feeling). When I reached the other side I hesitated before dressing and thought “what’s the point in dressing now?”. Skinny dipping was not new to me, however, I had always done it under the cover of darkness, away from prying eyes. Initially it seemed to me like all the world’s eyes were on me but then I realized that all of nature is naked, nothing covers themselves except humans (and maybe hermit crabs). I spent the next couple hours nude in meditation about my friend’s life and the question “what’s it all about”? We were both raised “Mormon” and that in and of itself raised concepts to consider during my time of reflection (perhaps more to write about later). What was clear to me in a few minutes was that here I am a nude human in nature. The scene could be taken from 30,000 BC, 100 AD, or in the future and little would change. I was in a slice in time that has and will be replayed as long as humans exist. Humans have that need to commune with nature in our most natural state-it is well documented. I thought of the 300 Spartans as they bathed naked before their battle at Thermopylae and Adamites worshipping in the nude. The experience left such an impact on me I felt I had to explore nudism more fully. Wreck beach certainly allows that opportunity on a communal level (Thank you Judy Williams and the Wreck Beach Preservation Society). I feel sorry for those that remained clothed since they are missing such a wonderful experience. Now I feel comfortable walking nude through the mass of people and comfortable sunning while textiles walk past. Perhaps the textiles will take courage in our example and eventually join in.

Thank you for sharing your story.