Why I Am a Nudist

I was married in 1970, and my new husband and I spent most of our alone time nude. The atmosphere was exactly as I later found nudist clubs to be: very comfortable and relaxing. It was new to me, and I thought it was wonderful. When the military and then children came into our lives, we put on our clothes.

In 1973 we moved to Bloomington, Indiana, and I read a newspaper article about a nearby nudist club. I had never attended one, but somehow I knew it would be safe, wholesome, and relaxing. But my then husband adamantly refused to consider visiting the club, so I figured nude recreation was something I would never experience.

In 1987 we divorced, and in 1991 an old college friend contacted me. This was Chas, whom I married in 1993. During one of our early phone conversations (I was in San Diego and he was in Montana), he divulged that he was a die-hard nudist. I was thrilled to find out that bit of information, because it meant that the world of nude recreation was about to open to me.

I visited Kaniksu Ranch with Chas in 1992, and it was exactly as I had always expected it to be. I felt safe and comfortable, and that feeling has never left, except once when I went to a club that welcomed swingers. This is home for me.

Margie Cantlon