Why I am a Nudist

I enjoyed hearing about how others “got started” in their naturist journey…I find it interesting.

My family was very open about our nudity. As a pre-kindergartener, I learned to swim at a nudist pool in CA where my mother would take my brother and me during the hot summer months. We often hiked and camped in the PNW and would skinny-dip as a family at lakes and creek pools. We often showered together after working in the yard. My mother was an artist and she an her artist friends would take turns posing nude for sketching sessions. So I grew up being very natural with my body and seeing others naked.

My wife and I learned early on about the benefits of spa life, massages, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs and natural hot springs and have incorporated those activities in our world travels and homelife. We built an indoor spa room in our home with shower and hot tub which we enjoy textile-free with friends. We had a lovely massage therapist who for over ten years would come to our home once a month to enjoy our hot tub and work in the nude with each of us…sometimes including us for 4-hand massage. I guess that was the inspiration for me to go to massage school, become licensed as an LMP in WA and to continue the art/science of naturist massage work. We enjoy traveling to Baden Baden Germany for the Roman-Irish bathes, Antigua, Cap d’ Agde and California for the nude beaches, Turkish bathes, and spa resorts like Living Waters in Desert Hot Springs and Alicante Spa Resort in Spain. We also enjoy naturist lounging and gardening in our secluded back yard. Many of our friends have joined us in our lifestyle and we’re meeting more and more wonderful people who enjoy and are comfortable with their nudity and bodies.

I guess I have my open-minded parents to thank for this lifestyle.

Wayne Dumas
Captain’s Table Massage (http://www.yellowpages.com/lynnwood-wa/mip/captains-table-massage-456868307)