Knock knock! Can you come and play with us! We call it ‘Winter Fest 2015’! We have many volunteers who are ready for you to come and play!

Saturday February 14th Jan will be helping us make some instruments for the ‘Rhythm Circle’. Sunday we will be decorating dark shirts with bleach gel pens. There will be a few shirts available for purchase from the Bun but, if you have a dark shirt to decorate (cotton works best) bring it with you. Supervised children are welcome to come to the crafts and Kym will have some craft activity available if the regular craft is not age appropriate for them to participate.

On Sunday the 15th from 7-9 pm we will be having a ‘Rhythm Circle’ in the Lodge. You know what a ‘Drum Circle’ is right? Well we are not limiting our circle to just drums! You can bring whatever rocks your rhythm child. Use your imagination and bring something to play! Don and Doug will be leading the circle to help us bring out our inner music abilities.

In the Lodge Jim, Tyler, Rick and Quentin will be here to lead our play groups on Saturday with the WII, ping-pong, 8-Ball, and pool volleyball. Judy and Roberta will be leading the cards and Sue and Everett are planning activities in the pool on Sunday.

Soul Restoration Project will be playing Saturday night in the Fireside. They are a high energy group that gets us out on the dance floor!

Make your plans now to come and play with us! Call the office at 541-933-2809 to reserve your rental or camp spot today!