Northwest Nude News 02/07/2014

Northwest Nude News 02/07/2014

This week in the Northwest

Mountaindale Sun Resort

* 10:00am Board Meeting
* 1:00pm General Meeting

Spa Night at LadyWell Spa 6pm – Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies

State of the Petition

As of the morning of 2/6/2014 we had 2,972 signatures on the petition at to allocate federal lands for clothing optional use. A
bit closer than last week, but still a long way from the required
100,000. The petition deadline is 2/12. It is highly improbable that
we will reach that number in time. However, we should still try to get
as many signatures as possible in the time left.
There is nothing to prevent us from doing this again at a future time.
We are investigating ways that we could mount a longer, wider
campaign, perhaps with advertising to the general public. Stay tuned.
More information can be found at

Au Naturel: the Nude in the 21st Century

Clatsop Community College
in Astoria, OR, presents its eighth annual international juried
exhibition, Au Naturel: the Nude in the 21st Century
to be held January 23 – March 20, 2014.

Everybody, let’s get naked!

Check out this interesting article on the site
by a non-nudist about her first experience at a nudist resort. The
resort is Bare Oaks in Canada. It’s hard for nudists to remember their
first experience, but here is a reminder for us all. And a reminder to
be friendly to newcomers.